Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two for Three

The bills are paid and the check book is caught up.  I used to reconcile it faithfully every month, when the bank statement came, but lately I've let things slip.  I've been keeping track mentally.  Yeah.  That'll work.  I'd be too embarrassed to tell you how long it's been since I actually wrote everything down in one place, but I will say that I've not only relived the holidays I also noticed how much fast food was consumed while I was with Tate in the hospital.  So it's been an all-day project.

The good news it, the worst of The Mother Load is off my shoulders.

The bad news is, while I was knocking those two items off my to-do list, I added 14 more.

You just can't get rid of The Mother Load.

1 comment:

leah said...

Congratulations on getting those ducks in a row!

I am so disorganized and "behind" that I'm afraid to even make a list (shudder)!

We did clean out our closets recently, which was a good feeling. I think that counts for this week (g)!