Monday, October 3, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #22

We are free to focus on our kids' education, growth, and development, because we are free from the constant distractions, influence and pressures common in schools.

Our kids are less likely to be chasing the latest fad, trying to gain acceptance by the popular clique (because guess what our clique is?  The family!  And you're in!), or deflecting a daily bombardment of criticism and mocking (and this isn't always just from the other kids).  They are not exposed to temptation from other children to use drugs or alcohol, or be sexually active.  And - bonus! - none of their classmates are unmarried and pregnant!

Funny?  Or not?
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And honestly, not all the distractions are negative, but they are legion.

And we are free from them.

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Q said...

That's an interesting Back-to-School sale, yikes. And yes, distractions can be legion . . . or Legion! ;)