Friday, October 28, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #41

We are there to help our children mature through the difficult times in their lives.

We seem to think more often of young children when we think of homeschooling, but I believe our adolescents need us as much or more.  I just ordered a book that was recommended to me, the premise of which is that parenthood isn't lasting as long as childhood.

And it needs to, oh it needs to.

Our culture seems to think that our adolescents need to be treated as adults, but they're not.  They're still immature.  (Young, not fully grown or developed; lacking the wisdom or emotional development normally associated with adults.)  Their bodies are growing dramatically (and sometimes alarmingly!), their abstract thinking skills are blossoming, and their hormones are carbonated.  And sometimes they feel like they're falling apart.

And we're there.  Sometimes we wish we weren't!  (You mothers of teen-age boys can sympathize with me here.)  But we're there.  We're there when they need to talk, or when they need guidance, or correction, or even reassurance that the turbulent water they're passing through will soon calm again.

Or food.  Let's not forget food, okay?  Because music may have "charms that soothe the savage b(r)east", but food will restore the composure of many an agitated teen.

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Felicity said...

Well said, Julie!

And as for the food... oh boy, the food.. no words..