Friday, October 7, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #26

Our kids have more opportunity to see
real life people in real life jobs,
so they are better prepared
to make career choices.

In their desire to level the playing field, schools seem fixated on getting every kid to go on to higher education.  But the fact is, not everybody is cut out for university studies.  USA Today published statistic a few years ago that underscore this.  In the twelve California state colleges, 60% of students needed remedial courses.  In Florida it was 70% and that was students entering community colleges.  In other words, they didn't learn in high school what they were supposed to have mastered before college.  Who is pushing all these kids into university and why?

And many who do go to college and succeed don't have any rational plan.  I was recently talking with a neighbor who is a pastor's wife.  Their church is largely made up of students from the local university.  She was commenting in disbelief on the degrees some of them were pursuing and their absolute lack of any kind of clue as far as what they would do when they graduate.

I'm not categorically against higher education.  I'm glad my doctor graduated from medical school.  ;D  I just think that too many kids are herded into university with no realistic goal at the end.  Not everybody is going to have a desk job.  (Mike Rowe, you are my hero!)  And what if they did?  Who would grow the food you eat?  Who would build your house?  Who would fix your car when it breaks?  Or your toilet?

Because our homeschooled kids are not restricted to a classroom, they are out in the community with us.  Besides the field trips we've gone on (police and fire station, newspaper, apple orchard, cheese 'farm', etc.) they're constantly exposed to real people doing real jobs in real life as we go about our every day life. 


Q said...

"Who is pushing all these kids into university and why?"

The goal is for them to have your children for as long as possible. This way they can feed our children what they want them to think, all while telling them that a degree is the only way to make more money. Now they get to keep them for another 4-10 years to further indoctrinate them into their agenda.

By the time they're done the children are so far into student debt that they have to take some cubicle with a glass ceiling job just to cover the student loans to which they'll be a slave for another 10+ years.

The children are 35 by the time their strings are fully cut from the school system, but they've invested 10 years into their job where corporate America has further taught them to simply do as their told rather than to think for themselves.

Remember - community colleges and state universities are government entities, no different than the government elementary, junior, and high schools. They are businesses, these people are making money, and they're very good at it.

They've brain washed us well.

Choate Family said...

All of your benefits are right on! Hope you guys are slowing down soon so we can get a peek inside the Grasshopper household again soon.