Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #23

We are free to do as many field trips and extra-curricular activities as we can manage, to nurture our children's unique interests and talents, so they can thrive and grow.

I realize that we're fortunate to live in an area with a vibrant homeschooling community.  We have access to organized field trips, park days, co-ops, support groups, and all kinds of other things that we can opt into if we want.  Every month there are classes and activities offered by homeschool moms (and often older homeschool students) like robotics, creative writing, foreign languages, drama, horse camp, Lego camp, debate, and that's just off the top of my head.

But even if you don't have easy access to all of that, you can probably find it.  Our next door neighbor invites the boys over to decorate holiday cookies and shares traditional Norwegian treats with them.  If they were girls they might be more interested in the Hardanger embroidery she used to do.  Another neighbor is giving Wyatt guitar lessons in exchange for work.  Grampa Grasshopper teaches the boys safe gun-handling and is teaching Tate to hunt.  Kerry took the boys to a Christian men's event where they got to hear and meet a WWII pilot and survivor of Buchenwald.  They couldn't wait to read his book.  Another friend is a Navy pilot and showed the boys some "insider stuff" when they met him at an airshow.

We are free to follow and nurture our kids' interests and passions.


The dB family said...

Still lovin' your bennies!


Ruby said...

We also have a great network of homeschoolers, but yours sounds very motivated. Great activities. I've also enjoyed the benefit of friends "tutoring". Definately one of our many benefits!