Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Brain Dump

Because we've been a little busy around here...

1.  Gunnar appears to be improving, not completely fabulous, but better.  Enough to do a bit of school-work.  No bowing before the porcelain altar today.  Thanks so much Rachael, for cheering him up with this photo, this morning.

2.  Do you know where your children are? 
Gunnar is watching old Myth-busters on Netflix.
Wyatt is changing a tube on his bike tire.
Tate is somewhere up in the woods with a rifle.  And Grampa.  Only three more days of deer season.  Praying for safety first... followed closely by success.

3.  Yes, we are (always) praying for more work for Kerry.  We've read about Elijah and the ravens, and the Israelites and manna.  And work kind of trickles in like the manna.  But I want it to flood in.  I want to hear Kerry say, "You're not going to be seeing much of me for the next few weeks, until I get this project done." (Please, take that in the right spirit...)  I want... I want... I want... security.  And yes I know my security shouldn't be in money.  And yes I know I shouldn't worry.  But sometimes I forget.

4.  With absolutely no sense of irony, Gunnar said to me after watching a movie recently, "It was a good story, Mom, but I don't get why they have to put so dang much swearing in it."

5.  As a counterpoint to my "Homeschool Bennies", let me just tell you that one of my children in particular, (though all of them at different times), absolutely gives me fits some days.  Yet this is the very child who, when offered the opportunity (present and/or future) to attend public school, insists that he does NOT want to go and wants to be HOMESCHOOLED FULL TIME ALL THE WAY THROUGH.  (His inflection, not mine.)  Well, good gracious, then apply yourself, son.

6.  You know what's a bummer about coming home from vacation?  That whole these-people-are-hungry-three-times-a-day thing.  And I have to do something about it.

So I leave you with this public service announcement:

7.  There are only 58 days left until Christmas.


The dB family said...

Seriously!! I'm behind already!! I'm glad Gunnar is perking up again. I TOTALLY hear you on the bummer about coming back from vacation. I'd rather deal with Mt. Laundry than have to come up with three meals a day again. Oh well! There's much to be thankful for in that aspect too.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

I know, I know. The Christmas countdown is somewhat of a torment to me. If I had the time, I'd love to make most of our Christmas gifts. (Quilts for everyone!) But the reality is... I don't. Have the time. And I know it's not about the gifts, but my family is always so generous with us, and we want to give gifts, because we love them. *sigh*

Felicity said...

Sometimes these '3 meals a day' expectations get to me.. ;-)
My kids all laughed at that picture of the pumpkin - blech!
We seem to have spent this year between a famine and a feast - no work, and then 2 busy contracts. I'm seeing much less of my husband, and I know I should be grateful for all the work, but I really miss the extra time with him...
Hope you'll be flooded with work soon.