Wednesday, October 26, 2011


To the five faithful blog readers I have...  ;D

Earlier today I accidentally posted an entire article written by someone else.  I had intended to copy it to read later, and maybe post my own thoughts about it, but copied it into the blog and --  OOPS --  hit publish.

I deleted it immediately, but I have no idea what happens to the few of you who actually subscribe to my blog.  I had no intention of publishing someone else's writing as my own.  Please disregard.

In other news, Gunnar isn't well, and hasn't been all day.  Fortunately he fits the definition of a "Big Boy" in this house.  (Big Boys are those who can make it to a toilet or bucket before they throw up.)  I've always wished I had a magic mommy wand, for moments like these, but actually I have a better resource.

Pray for him with me, if you would?  We trust in God, not magic.


Rachael Starke said...

Ohhh, so sorry. Praise be to God for big boys, indeed. May all pestilence be contained in and to porcelain monuments.

Ruby said...

Yes, it did pop up in my reader:-) No harm done!

Felicity said...

It showed on my feed, but the page 'could not be found' so it's gone..
Will be praying for Gunnar - not nice for him (or you).

Q said...

It showed up in my reader - but the post clearly stated it was written by someone else. No harm, no foul.

Praying for Gunnar!

melanie said...

Ditto ~ the title had me eager to read it! : )

Trusting all will be well soon!

{Wishing I could jump in that Econolodge pool too! toolbar says 37F this morning}

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Okay, good :D I'm intrigued by a couple of the points in the article,and I'll probably post my thoughts later, but - ACK - my fingers flew faster than my brain.