Friday, October 21, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #36

Our kids are less peer-dependent.

Yah, I know I've mentioned this before.  But let's think about the benefits of this.

They're less concerned with fitting in.
They can develop their own convictions, not subject to "group think".
And guess what?  They cost us a lot less because they're not demanding what "everybody" has.
They don't 'need' expensive or trendy clothes.
They don't 'need' cel phones.
They've never been to a barber, much less a hair salon.
And they don't care.

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Felicity said...

I was terribly peer-dependant at school - I wouldn't do anything on my own, had to have a friend with me.
I am so glad when I look at my kids and see them doing things by themselves, just because they want to, and not worrying who else will be there!