Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homeschool Bennies #35

We can transmit our values naturally,
on a daily basis.

We model our values every moment of every day as we live out our lives, and the kids are picking it up.  Things like money management (budgeting, shopping, paying bills), self-government (working independently, managing one's own schedule), stewardship (of time - ie study habits).  Mastery of these allow our kids the time and freedom to pursue other interests.

It didn't take my kids long, when we began homeschooling, to realize that when they are done with their work for the day, they are done.  They don't have to fill time with busy work until a bell rings.  Now, rushing through your work carelessly isn't going to get you anywhere good, but diligence will.  Tate will frequently get up at 6am and have much of his work done before breakfast.  He's the kind of guy everyone is going to want to hire.  Or marry.

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