Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Homeschooling Resources Meme

My friend Q, at Napalm in the Morning tagged me for a meme.  I don't do many of these, but this looked intriguing, so here goes.

1.  One homeschool book I have enjoyed:
The Clarksons’ Educating the Whole-Hearted Child and Voddie Baucham’s Family-Driven Faith (which isn't specific to homeschooling, but has a lot to do with discipling your kids, and NOTHING to do with Purpose-drivel stuff…).  And yes, I know that's two.

2.  One resource I wouldn’t be without:
The Bible.  Absolutely.

3.  One resource I wish I had never bought:
The DIVE CD that goes with Saxon math.  It isn’t bad, necessarily, but my boys don’t want to do math on the computer.

4.  One resource I enjoyed last year:
And every year.  Our local library :D

5.  One resource I will be using this year:
For the first time we’re trying a Sonlight History “core”.  We’ll see how it goes.  I love many of the books they include, but not sure if we’ll love the format of the program.

6.  One resource I would like to buy:
More bookshelves ;D

7.  One resource I wish existed:
Pay and benefits for the homeschooling mom?  Naw… how about an assistant who corrects all the boys’ work?  (And folds the laundry, *sigh*).

8.  One homeschool catalog I enjoy reading:
Rainbow Resources.  Actually, I use their website more than their catalog, though.

9.  One homeschool website I use regularly:
I don’t.  I google if I need something, but I don’t regularly use or belong to any particular site.  Wait!  Here’s one!  I go HERE for blank maps.  Ta-daa.

So who wants to play?  I'd love to see what any and all of you are using.

Ann?  Melanie?  Felicity?

Anybody who wants to play, please leave a comment at the bottom so we can check out your resources too, okay?  And thanks :D


Crystal in Lynden said...

Love the map website! I'd never been there before.

Felicity said...

Playing along...

(And I think we homeschool moms deserve some or another subsidy...)

leah said...

I don't homeschool, but I LOVE the maps resource! I'm making clipboards of educational material for our drive to Myrtle Beach in the spring - and I am going to include a map of the East Coast states for Matt, to show him the progress we are making as we drive southward.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You know, I joke about the subsidies, but there are ways to get money for homeschooling. Trouble is... when you accept government money, you accept government control.

Now if we could just stop them taxing us for schools, that would be a great thing!