Saturday, October 10, 2009

Falling into Autumn

I mentioned a while back that our house is old. Really old. More than a hundred years old. But remodeled. You can see the difference on the outside here, but I haven't posted many pics specifically of the house on the inside. So after we got back from soccer I grabbed Gunnar's camera (thanks kiddo!) and snapped these.

My disclaimer: our house if very colorful. I like lots of color. But I can't get the pics to show the true colors. And even if I did, it might 'read' differently on your monitor than mine. *sigh*

The interior walls are (mostly) one of three colors... something between celery and granny-smith apple green, butter yellow, and a periwinkle blue. So use your imagination.

The Dining Room

Every time we go to the grocery store the boys are intrigued by the strange gourds and beg me to buy them. Also, having read about the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies recently, they also really wanted the Indian corn. So, wa-wah! The table keeps getting rearranged because they pick the stuff up to look at it. Fine. As long as they leave my candles alone.

More candles.

My mom, the queen of hospitality, told me not to worry if company was coming and the house was *ahem* something less than perfectly clean. Just dim the lights and light some candles. Nice smell, instant atmosphere, and nobody can see the mess anyway! And the little beans or lentils? That's not only because it looks kind of funky, but because I hate cleaning up dripped wax. Dried beans and lentils are cheap.

Tree lights.

We use what normal other people would call Christmas lights all year round. Especially during the dark months. It must be my Scandinavian side showing through, but all the months of clouds, rain and darkness really do a number on me. I "need" lots of light and color. :0)

And, no, your eyes aren't deceiving you. The walls behind the trees are two different colors.

Dining room to living room

One thing I love about old houses are the details, like this arch between the living and dining rooms. I've hung more little lights above it. (Looks better from the other side - you don't see the cord.) The pic is a bit blurry, but those are my new (last summer) curtains. I love, love, love the way they diffuse light. The room actually seems brighter sometimes when they're shut.

Yet another candle...

They're everywhere. I love this candle holder that looks like bare trees.


Just a few of the pics I have out to remind myself of what I'm really thankful for - family and friends.

The Chicken Shelf

See. Chickens work. The boys actually claim these chickens, having begged for them at WalMart one year.
I never said my boys were normal.

So there you have it. My autumn groove.


Cutzi said...

Lookin' good, Julie! I am loving autumn right now, but surprisingly, have not decorated anything yet. It's odd for me - but for some reason I don't feel a huge desire this year. I think my pumpkin spice americanos are fulfilling my autumnal wishes. ;-)

Deborah said...

Very pretty! I love colour too! I feel like I've been MIA. I love your new blog look too and all the things the boys have been doing, and the zip line what fun!

It's so nice to stop by your blog and feel like I'm having a little visit! Too bad I forgot to grab my cup of coffee first :o)!


leah said...

It's beautiful! I love the fall- I need to pick up some more fall decorating items. I'm waiting until just after Halloween, because they get really, really cheap then. My parents are visiting at the end of this week and I can't wait to share our autumn with them (California just doesn't get the leaf changes and frost that make the season complete, lol)!