Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crazy Hair Night

Crazy Hair night at AWANA.
This is what he wanted.
He looks so much older all of the sudden.

And I could swim in these eyes.


leah said...

Wow- his eyes are BLUE! I love the hair. Its amazing how you look at your kids, and suddenly they have aged. It never happens slowly- you turn around, and suddenly they are older. Our "littles" don't stay little for very long!

tammy said...

Very cool! His hair matches his beautiful bright blue eyes! Love your top blog picture too, one of my favorite flowers ... very vivid and made me smile! : )

Herding Grasshoppers said...


to be fair... I found the pic online and don't remember where. I appreciate it, but didn't create it :0)


oh my, these kids are GROWING! We just did our semi-annual (fall/spring) "try on everything in your dresser and closet" and I was AMAZED.


Choate Family said...

You sure have a cutie! Our kids still talk about crazy hair night at AWANA and what they will do with their hair when we go back on furlough. Who knew it would be such a big hit!?!