Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Woman #32

Simple Woman

FOR TODAY October 19, 2009

Outside my window... still beautiful fall leaves, but there are less and less of them. The grass is green again (after going brown for the summer), and covered with red and yellow leaves. Foggy this morning... might be a good day to go collect spider webs.

I am thinking... how much I love this time of year.

I am thankful for... two more weeks of soccer, two more weeks of soccer, two more weeks of soccer... and a warm, dry house that doesn't leak, so I can sit smugly inside and watch the rain - bucket-loads of rain. Rain so loud we woke up in the night to listen to it. So much rain falling we couldn't see across the lake. Which may help you understand why I'm so thankful we have just two more weeks of soccer. :0)

I am praying for... friends in Africa (missionaries) with flu in the house.

From the learning rooms... we've just started our "All Saint's Day" devotions, leading up to Halloween All Saint's Day. We're studying India this week, and the Taj Mahal, as well as all the usual... What a great coincidence that one of our saints/missionaries is Amy Carmichael, who served in India.

From the kitchen... Ha! Kerry is making dinner tonight, for himself and the boys, as I will be OUT. I'm guessing the menu will probably feature something from the "Top Ramen" family.

I am wearing... jeans, purple hoody, thick socks

I am creating... more science experiments.

I am going... to Moms In Touch today.

I am reading... "Little House on the Prairie" with the boys. They love it, even though it's about girls. Gunnar said, "Mom. It's okay because they're not girly-girls, and adventures happen to them." Like traveling in a covered wagon, and being surrounded by enormous wolves, and almost being washed away while crossing a creek that was more of a river. So that's all okay.

I am hoping... to find a chair for the desk I got for the boys' room. Looking for a small chair, probably wood (ie "paint-able") that will fit into a 16" opening.

I am hearing... Wyatt blowing into a piece of PVC pipe. He claims that he and a neighbor boy are communicating with Morse Code. Right.

I am remembering... Still need to get some craft projects organized and moving forward.

Around the house... New batches of books from the library, and a basketful of seasonal books I set out for the boys, (mostly) clean bedrooms and bathrooms, and my "pumpkin spice" candle, half burned.

On my mind... we are getting closer to Wyatt's Disneyland trip. Excitement is building!

Noticing that... if you don't know us IRL, let me remind you that Wyatt is oldest, then Tate, and then Gunnar. Wyatt is barely taller than Tate and for the last couple of years Tate has out-weighed him, much to his chagrin. Well, with Wyatt's recent gains and Tate losing (I think about 8 pounds!) in the hospital... I weighed them the other day and Wyatt is a good five pounds heavier than Tate.

Oh my.

I think in his (Wyatt's) view, the world is now back on its axis.

Pondering these words... "Having boys is just God's opinion that your house is too neat." *sigh*

One of my favorite things... autumn evenings, after dinner, reading stories together in the living room.

A few plans for the rest of the week... oh heavens... Wyatt and Tate both have Dr appointments and ortho appointments, MIT, soccer practices, soccer games, AWANA, piano lesson... and I need to get to WalMart. Don't hate me, I love WalMart.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Yes, I posted a picture of this same tree, just down a few posts. But the lighting was so dramatic, I had to take another one.

We had rain, yesterday. Buckets and buckets of rain. It was a monsoon.

And, of course, it was soccer day...


leah said...

That tree is GORGEOUS! And yay for Wyatt, who finally outweighs his little brother! LOL!

Cutzi said...

Shhhh.... I love Walmart too...

Also - here's a little review of sorts on those Shakespeare books I was telling you about:

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Those look great - thanks :0)

Choate Family said...

I loved the comment about your house being too neat and God giving you boys! You made me smile in my early morning fog.

The Man Crew said...

Oh my gravy~ I about peed when I read your quote about boys and neat a mom of 4 myself, I know ALL about that! HA! I enjoyed your daybook immensely, thanks for sharing it. My two middle boys are 15 months apart, and over the summer, the younger overtook the older in height AND weight, poor David will never be the same. I've started saving for therapy...hee hee! I dn't care if you post that tree every single post, I LOVE it! ;) Have a great week and enjoy the last few weeks of soccer!

Deborah said...

I thought having kids in general was just God's opinion that your house is too neat.

I confess, I like Walmart too. It's the convenience. I just can't help it. Besides they have awesome deals sometimes!

The tree is stunning! Has anyone figured out what it is yet?

I hope you're able to find some down time between all that running!


Organizing Mommy said...

Great pic. Yeah.. my house is too neat also. 3 of 'em/ Walmart is for folks on a budget--like us.

A Gracious Home said...

Boys are special. Your pictures are beautiful. I enjoyed your daybook. Have a great week. Doylene