Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm pretty sure there's a Calvin and Hobbes books called "The Days are Just Packed". Well, that's how I feel lately. I know that soccer has a lot to do with it, and there are three more weeks. Hallelujah. I love it for the boys' sake, but I love when it ends :0) What makes me really nuts is that, since the (wonderful, generous, talented) coaches are all volunteers, most of the practices are in the early evening, when they get off work. In other words, right at dinner time.

The combination of all our comings and goings and the fall weather sends me running for my crock pot, so I'm stepping into new territory here and posting a recipe. (Don't faint. This one doesn't have hot dogs in it.)

You know how when you have a new baby your friends, your really good friends, will bring you dinner? Well, my friend Dee Dee brought this to me. Oh. My. So good and so easy.

So dig out your crock pot, and get ready. Here's what you do:

Beef Stroganoff

* 2 1/2 # Boneless Beef Top Round, trim fat, cut into 2" pieces

But here's the great thing about a crock pot: you can use just about any cut of meat and it will come out tender and delicious. Grampa Grasshopper hunts and we often use venison or elk instead of beef.

* 3 little cans mushrooms

Seriously? Canned mushrooms? Do people use those? I use fresh.

* 1 medium onion, halved and sliced or chopped
* 1 T beef boullion
* 3/4 t pepper
* 1/8 t nutmeg

Yes, nutmeg. With meat. Do it.

Combine, mix well, cover, cook in crock pot on low, 7-9 hours.

15 minutes before serving, mix:
* 1/2 C sour cream
*1/4 C flour
Blend well, then add:
* 1/3 C hot liquid from slow cooker
Mix well, add to beef mixture in slow cooker.

Cover and cook 10 more minutes (or so) to thicken.

Serve over noodles, or rice, or in pita bread.

Seriously, your mouth will thank you. Go, make this. It's what's for dinner.


leah said...

That sounds good! We have a beef stroganoff recipe, but it uses ketchup. And since it uses ketchup, Nolan can't eat it (no tomatoes allowed in the GERD diet). This recipe looks like a winner, and our little guy can eat it, too!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hope he likes it :0)

Deborah said...

I confess!!!! I do use canned mushrooms, but I will admit, fresh are by faaaaar better!

Thank you for sharing! This sounds like a great warm you up recipe as the thermometer continues to plummet.

tammy said...

We're even getting a cold front here in MD so I just busted out my crock pot today too. Love it. I can't wait to try this, looks VERY yummy! and I have to admit too, I use canned mushrooms, but only when I don't have fresh!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

The whole canned mushroom thing is funny because I am SO not a gourmet! I just think they seem slimy. But then, I guess cooked mushrooms are kind of slimy. :0)

leah said...

OK, we're making this for dinner tonight. With fresh mushrooms, lol!