Friday, October 9, 2009


The boys were at Grampa and Gramma Grasshopper's today, having a PTO Day. Hallelujah.

They undoubtedly spent the day tempting fate with fire, bees' nests, and gravity while I had a big project day. Two in one week! That's gotta be a record. It was wonderful.

But as I thought of the boys and what they were doing, I realized I never showed you pics of the zip line Grampa Grasshopper put up. Last Sunday we were all (extended family) together, celebrating my brother and sister's birthdays and so I bring you...

300 feet of exhilarating fun!

Wyatt - pure joy.

Tate... if he looks nervous, he's not. He was just concentrating.
The other boys had some 'trial runs' while he was still in the hospital.

Gunnar had the sun in his eyes. He's just as brave as his brothers.
As he walked back up the hill after a ride he said to me,
"Grampa and Gramma are the most generous people on the whole earth.
Except for God.
He gave us His Son."

The boys' cousin Mikayla was a bit nervous, but did it anyway and liked it.

And Raelynn, who is always smiling and seems to have no fear at all.

And, in case you can't tell from the close-ups,
I thought I should show you just how high the zip line actually is.


My brother Dave turned 40. On the way up I told the boys that they should give him a bad time about it. They looked at me blankly. "Why?"

But when Uncle Dave took a run on the zip line Gunnar commented,
"Well, that's one way to keep an old man entertained!"

Aunty Tami was game, in spite of being FORTY-TWO!

Even Grampa Grasshopper got in on the action.

My cousin's husband, Mike is a firefighter, so he shouldn't be afraid of ladders or heights, right?

Kerry also had a go, but we didn't get a good pic. Maybe next time.

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