Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Projects and Blue Paint

Don't ask me. Maybe it's genetically programmed. All three of my boys play defense (at soccer.) Oh, they'll happily play offense, if asked, but defense is their forte. They all take it quite personally when the opposing team scores. (Still working on that "this is a team" concept...) But they take their responsibility on the field very seriously.

Tate proudly wears this, which we made together, to practice:

My other project is this:

a Craigslist find for the boys' room. I'm hopeful that it will help Wyatt be less distracted and able to work more independently. And that I can have my table back in my office for projects.

Still looking for a small chair that will fit into the 16" opening under the desk...


leah said...

I love both projects! The shirt is great- my husband plays defense on a recreational ice hockey team- I'll have to get make the defense guys a shirt like that, lol! The desk was a good find on craigslist!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

It was just what I wanted, even down to having three drawers on each side, so each boy can have two of his own. A little blue paint spiffed it right up :0)