Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Vocabulary

Oh my.

I think Gunnar learned a bad word.

At least he thinks he did.

I could hear him arguing with Wyatt and then Gunnar came stomping out into the living room with storm-clouds over his head and gave me stink-eye. With all the self-righteous anger he could summon, he announced:

Wyatt is a BUSTER!

Me - Um, Gunnar, what is a buster?

A really mean person who never keeps his word!

I'm trying not to laugh, because I'm sure there are at least two little savages who need some wise parental discipline.

And I'm wondering if he made that up himself, or if he actually did hear a bad word and he's mispronouncing it.

But I don't want to ask.


Ruby said...

LOL! Another priceless one!
"Listen, Buster...." takes on a new meaning for me. We use buster as a tough guy. The mind boggles at what he may be trying to say!?

Choate Family said...

Your crew always makes me smile!

leah said...

Hahaha! I bet he just made it up, but you never know... perhaps better NOT to know! Thanks for the morning chuckle.