Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home School

Inspired by friends, (okay, by one friend in particular), I decided to show you our school room. No, you don't have to have a special room for school, and many of my friends don't... but it sure is nice :0) Especially if your husband works out of the home. Well, okay, the garage, but he's in and out a lot, which can be rather distracting. I love, love, love our school room! It's upstairs, which gives us a nice degree of separation, and right across from the boys' bedroom so if I'm working individually with one boy the others can hop across the hall and play, but still be close at hand.

Having a room dedicated as a school room means all three boys share a bedroom. Good thing it's big! And they don't mind, having never known any different. Actually, they're so used to it they don't like to be in a bedroom alone.

The school room is bright and sunny. I picked this room for that reason. And painted it butter yellow because the winter months can be dark and dreary. I wanted the school room to be warm and cheerful and it seems to be working. I'll often find the boys in there on their "own" time, drawing or reading or whatever. Got the table and chairs off craigslist for forty bucks, no kidding. The map came in a National Geographic, and I bought the white board.

The storage unit is mostly for our science materials, as well as some art stuff. Yes, I like color :0)

The bookshelf was another craigslist find, though most of our books are downstairs. When you have a 107-year-old house you think carefully about putting a lot of bookshelves upstairs. I'm just sayin'. Since we don't need to hang any clothes in that closet I put an old changing table in one side to use as shelves, and the other side is more art supplies in plastic tubs. Which I should really sort through... another project for another day.

On the closet doors I have the periodic table, because we're doing chemistry this year, a map showing Native Americans that went along with our history lesson, as well as a poster showing the Jamestown colony and the nearby Indian village. And (top right) is one of the prints from the Picturing America collection we were awarded. Really, really a cool deal.

And this is our Monday Pile. It looks daunting, but we'll be done by 2pm. Have to be. My Moms In Touch group is coming over :0) Actually, I tend to plan more work earlier in the week and then slack off a bit as the week progresses.

So there ya have it :0)


Ruby said...

Bright, sunny and TIDY!!!!!
I'm impressed. We have a seperate area too and it is a great benefit, though sometimes we drift to other areas of the house.
It is however, never, but never, that tidy!

Cutzi said...

I feel so honored that I got to see it in person today. ;-)

Is this what you were doing when we stopped back by to pick up the diaper bag? Did you know we stopped back by? ;-)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ruby, truly it's not always that tidy :0) And we drift around the house too. We seem to do a lot of science in the kitchen.

Cutzi, how funny! I probably was upstairs. I had no idea you stopped back by.

And I'm bummed that I didn't take any pics when you and the kids were over... I'd be posting them too - we had a great time :0)

leah said...

I love it! Science in the kitchen sounds like a good idea, especially when chemistry is involved (g)!

Organizing Mommy said...

Love your new header! The fall photo is gorgeous. Also, what a GREAT school room. Who wouldn't want to learn/ teach in that fabulous room? Oh, so sweet.

Reminds me of the days when I was schooling littles. Now they are big and spread out everywhere doing school. And I don't really teach much, but I do pretend to occasionally.

Ann said...

I love the brightness! That would definitely have helped in our school room over recent weeks! I'll have to consider yellow...

Deborah said...

It's awesome!! I love the butter yellow and the bright colours. Brightness and warmth can't help but make for a great learning environment!

Thank you for posting photos! I love seeing other homeschool rooms!