Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We took most of yesterday off for MLK day. Then took most of today off for errands, and - frankly - for sunshine and playing outside. (Was that bad?!)

In fact, we may be doing a bit of school on Saturday.

High probability.

Very high.

So today, between the orthodontist, the library, the grocery store, forgetting the gas station, and remembering the piano lesson, I took the kids out to lunch. Gunnar got this in his fortune cookie:

You have a charming way with words. Write a letter this week.


Stretch Mark Mama said...

We haven't done a lick of school this week either! Ugh! MLK, inauguration, and on Wed we have a field trip. Sigh...

Deborah said...

Does he like to write?

Julie said...

SMM - a field trip! Well, hey, that's quality school right there :0)

D - no, he doesn't actually like to write. None of the boys do. Well, Wyatt likes to write when it's his choice.

Boys' fine motor skills seem to lag way behind their ideas. Maybe if I had girls around the house they'd be motivated (by way of competing), but not so much.