Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gunnar-isms #3

I took Wyatt to his first piano lesson yesterday. He's supposed to practice a half hour, five days a week, but he's really self-conscious about anyone being around and hearing him. Apparently Tate and Gunnar were "banished" to the play room while he practiced today. (I was grocery shopping.)

As I drove Gunnar to AWANA tonight he asked me, "So, Mama, how was Wyatt's piano lesson?"

I told him I thought it went really well.

"Well, yeah, Mama. I heard him practicin' today and I was impressed that he could make such musical notes."


Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Sweet. Don't you wish Wyatt could have heard that? It never sounds quite the same or has the same effect when retold by the parent, you know?

Hope you have a lovely day.

Ambulance Mommy said...

that made me giggle....

But i get where Wyatt is coming from. I never wanted anyone to listen when I practised, and since the piano was right next to the kitchen, it was next to impossible, so I got all anxious about practising, and eventually gave up.

Julie said...

I'm hoping he'll get more comfortable with it, because the reality is we can hear the piano from anywhere in the house :0) I was the same way when I took lessons. Now, I don't mind the kids hearing me, but I'm still kind of funny about Kerry listening.

And I DID tell him what Gunnar said, but - you're right, Kristen - it's just not the same, second hand.