Friday, January 30, 2009

Green "Starfish" ?

You've gotta love green, to live where we live. It's everywhere. I've heard the forests in our state referred to as "a tyranny of chlorophyll".

My parents live in a clearing, in the woods. They're surrounded by firs, cedars, hemlocks, maples and alders. And ferns. Sword ferns are the most common, but there are others... bracken ferns in the spring and summer, licorice ferns growing in the moss on the maples, little deer fern, and more. But the sword ferns are huge - I've seen fronds almost as tall as I am!

So, driving the boys up for their PTO day, I noticed that the forest looked kind of strange - and it took just a minute to realize what was different. All that snow we had crushed the ferns! Oh, they're not dead. They'll grow back just fine. But they're squished nearly flat.

To me, it looked like an underwater scene, with a bunch of green starfish!

But I'm weird like that.

See what you think. The picture above is what they normally look like. But here is what I saw:

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Deborah said...

That or gian green fuzzy caterpillars. My mind is wierd like that too :oP.

LOL! my word verification is foodhi. It's something I say everytime I see food!