Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Immigrant

I've heard it said that in the Tech World, there are natives and there are immigrants.

I'm an immigrant.

Yes, I confess to graduating from college without a computer. (I even owned a typewriter.)

So. I've been tagged to find the 6th picture in my computer album and write about it. This is more challenging than you might realize, so I'm defaulting. Here is the FIRST picture I posted on the blog:

We were invited to a costume party for New Year's Eve. Inspired by Gary Larson and "The Far Side", we went as cockroaches at a Ball. You can't see the shells we made for our backs - which were pretty good - but we didn't coordinate our "arms" (legs?) very well. Plus it was cold and there was a lot of snow, so I was wearing my stained white Sorels with the Ball Gown.


I think that was my aunt's prom dress or something :0)


Stretch Mark Mama said...

Should've known you'd be a Far Side fan. Lately, the one we've been stuck on at our house is "so naturally I blasted her." We usually say that when the boys randomly hit each other. You know, every 10 minutes or so.

Deborah said...

Gary Larson cracks me up! Your costumes look great!

Julie said...

I think our favorite is, "The Arnolds feign death until the Wagners, sensing the sudden awkwardness, are compelled to leave."

So THAT'S how to get your company to leave!

Loudest Mom said...

Great cockroaches :) I *like* the disparity in the arms/legs. I think you'd win in a fight-LOL