Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lost and Found

No. Not the bunny. I wish.

No, what I was going to say is that I really hate to lose things. My organization-loving brain just gets derailed when I lose something. (Dare I say I get obsessed? It's possible.)

A while ago I "lost" a website. Couldn't find it. I don't know if I deleted the bookmark, or maybe they changed their web address. Whatever.

Found it today! And I'm telling you (all three of my loyal readers!), because you might like this one.

I'm not very artistic, and have a hard time thinking of fun projects to do with the boys. Oh, sure, I've bought a book I like (How to Teach Are to Children, Evan-Moore), and our history curriculum has some fun suggestions, but I'm always looking for more inspiration.

Found it. The Art Kids. I'm thinking it was put up by an art teacher in Kansas, because there are a lot of projects like this one:

She has them categorized by age/grade (K-6), and by a few themes; patriotic, multi-cultural, prairie/cowboy (lots of these), and literature- based. (You know, read a Clifford book and do a Clifford project.)

A lot of them are for the littler littles, but I've found several fun ideas, like the Magnified Bugs, and Anansi the Spider (mis-labeled on the site as "Anasazi"... isn't that an Indian group?). I have to say that the Tornado Collage really is a uniquely Kansas project :0)

Anway, something lost is found, and I'm happy.

And I bookmarked it. Again.


Deborah said...

Sounds great! I wish I had access to this kind of stuff when Peach was small. She would come up to me almost everyday and say, "Can we make a craft?"

leahlefler said...

Very cool site! I bookmarked it. My littles are so very small that the projects are a bit beyond them (though Matt could do the apple print one). It will only be a year or so before Matt can do some of the kindergarten ones, though!

Denise Portis said...

This is a cool site. But alas my kids are grown. The baby of my family is a junior in H.S., and I just can't picture him getting into projects anymore. Sigh. I'm going to miss homeschooling...

Ambulance Mommy said...

Oh no!!! Still no bunny? How is he holding up with it's absence?

Julie said...

Wyatt and Tate have 'moved on'. They knew that in the best-case scenario the bunny was nearing the end of its natural life. Gunnar is still sad about it, but coping :0)

With Kerry's work situation being a bit precarious right now, we're not replacing the bunny right away. But they're pretty cheap to 'maintain', so we'll probably go ahead and find another one soon.