Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Coincidence

About the Bible reading plan, anyway.

We're still working on our Daily Bible readings. OT at breakfast, NT at lunch, Psalm and Proverb at dinner. As I've mentioned before, the OT reading is the longest. Sometimes I just read it while the boys eat breakfast. This has a benefit I had not anticipated. My boys usually wake up in the morning like they've been shot out of a cannon - rarin' to go and ready to take on the day and just a wee little bit - well - zingy until they've gotten some food in them.

In other words, breakfast is not usually characterized by meaningful conversation.

More like a continuous stream of giggling, poking, reacting to being poked, complaining about being cold (no fuel in their bodies yet), resisting being told to go upstairs and get their slippers, requests for more cerealtoastyogurtmilk, and the usual testosterone-fueled assortment of bodily noises.

And then more giggling. Of course.

But when we read the Bible right through breakfast, it's much quieter.

Much much quieter.

I like it.

And, interestingly, though we are reading from a preset schedule, and not deliberately choosing this or that section, I'm amazed at how often the day's reading has been seemingly connected with what is going on with us.

Of course, there was the funny Psalm we read when Gunnar lost his tooth, but that's not all I'm talking about.

Most recently in our NT readings (Matthew 14 and 15) we saw how Jesus fed the 5000 and then the 4000. So timely.

See, Kerry is a self-employed architect. Self-employed means that if there are no "billable hours", there's no income. And he is out of work. Out.

He's been self-employed for seven years and I've had a hard time with it, in some ways. I like a predictable income. (Lots easier to make and keep a budget.) Mostly, I like security.

But in today's reading from Psalms:

Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses,
but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.


Deborah said...

We need to put on an addition. Too bad you're so far away! I will keep you in my prayers that there may be more work for Kerry soon!

Deanna said...


Just read one of your comments off of Civilla's blog. Wanted to come by and say howdy as I checked out your blog. Like your blogs.

Hello there and blessings to you!

So very impressed with young Christian homemakers that blog.
It's very uplifting to me.

Deanna from the Kansas Flinthills

Julie said...


Nice to meet you :0)


Thanks for the prayers; they are always welcome and appreciated,


Craig and Heather said...

Hi Julie,

I also followed you over from Civilla's place.

I'm sorry for your financial struggle. It seems as though many people have been affected this past 10 months or so. My husband isn't self-employed but is working for a company that is continually downsizing in order to afford to stay in business.

With the current economic and political uncertainties, we truly do need to be placing our trust in God alone. The verse you posted is very timely, indeed!