Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brady the Brave

An update from our friends in Africa...

Bradyn seems to be responding to the antibiotics, and no further word about needing to med-evac her, so that is all good.

She is still miserable as well as sick and tired of "pokeys". She may get to go home, but would need to return 2x daily for IV antibiotics, or 1x daily for a "pokey" in the bum.

No fun for anyone, especially a 7 year old!

And now the little sister is coughing...

Thanks for caring and praying for my friends :0)


UPDATE - Saturday evening
Bradyn is home but going 2x daily to the hospital for antibiotics for one more day, then orally at home. They'll x-ray her later in the week to make sure she is clear.

God is mighty.

Thanks for praying for our friends :0)


Ruby said...

Praise to our God who answers the prayers of his people!

Deborah said...

So glad she is going home! Our God is faithful!