Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Go Figure

I'm always a little curious about who visits the blog. Besides, you know, all three of my friends :0)

So I found a way to track some of this and learned some interesting things:

1. Lots of people are googling "Northern Alligator Lizard".
* I don't know it it's legal to sell them
* I don't know how to tell a boy from a girl
* They eat bugs and snails.
* Around here (PNW) they seem to be about 6 - 10 inches long.
Hope that helps.

2. People in Georgia and in Warsaw (Poland) are interested in "Saint Gunnar". This probably wasn't what they were looking for.

3. There are at least two other Homer Price fans searching for "pounds of edible fungus".

4. There is someone in New York looking for "Alien Herding Quilt". Wow. I really am curious what they had in mind.


5. To the person in California who is "dreaming repeatedly about grasshoppers in the bed"... I really, really can't help you. Maybe you should get a chicken or two.


Ann said...

Too funny! Such random things - makes me wonder what goes on in some people's heads!

Deborah said...

Lol! This sounds like a blast! Can I ask, how did you do it?? I use sitemeter now, but it doesn't give me info like that.

Btw, Sometimes I'm from Forest, sometimes Wyoming, and somtimes Sarnia. How's that for confusing. Gotta love smalltown internet servers!

leah said...

Goodness, I am laughing so hard my tea came out of my nose! How do you do this sort of check? Maybe I don't want to know.. lol!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I use Stat Counter - www.statcounter.com. There may be other, better, bigger, etc. But it works for me and it's FREE.

Of course, I could "upgrade" (pay money) and find out more, but I'm only doing this for fun :0)


Ruby said...

Looks like some real weirdos visit your blog :o)