Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Faces

I love happy summer faces :0)

We had some friends from church over, for a few hours today. How quickly I forget what it's like to have little ones around :0)

I love the way my "big boys" looked after their younger friends. Don't you just love Adia's little hand on Gunnar's leg, and his arm around her?

Um, kinda blurry, but they were so full of fun and giggles and joy that I had to post them anyway.


leah said...

Awww... too sweet! I love the way the "bigs" take care of the "littles!"

Ann said...

That is so precious! Still having little ones, I love watching the big boys at church take my little one under their wing. Such a sweet thing!

Cutzi said...

I love these photos Julie! And very proud of Justin as they are appropriately dressed and Adia's hair is even in a pony. Thanks again for caring for them for a bit while I was gone.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Cutzi,

Justin said to me that he was quite proud of himself because that was the first pony-tail he'd done!

The kids were great - we were glad to have them :0)