Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You may have noticed that I have not posted recipes on the blog. There's a good reason for that. Really.

Nobody's jaw will drop in awe at what comes out of our kitchen. Ordinary food, people, just ordinary food.

Oh, I can make "company food" - you know, the home-made bread and soup, turkey dinner, various crock-pot concoctions, etc. But we're pretty boring really. More likely to have Taco Salad (again) than anything gourmet.

Good thing my crowd is so easily impressed. What with the cupboards being a bit bare (and a Costco run planned for tomorrow), I was searching for inspiration this evening.

Salad-in-a-Bag? Check.
Green beans? Check.

And, for the main course... sausages (you know - fancy hot dogs) left over from last week's BBQ, chopped up and baked into Jiffy corn-bread batter. Sort of a corn-dog casserole.

But get this - all three boys asked for seconds.


The Squirrel said...

Seconds is good...

"But we're pretty boring really. More likely to have Taco Salad (again) than anything gourmet."

Us, too. Mrs. Squirrel says I've done more "fancy cookin'" for just us since I started the Friday feature then I ever have before.


Ann said...

I know the feeling! I had some good things going there for a while, but now it's back to ordinary. It's easier and cheaper!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Well, I do try to raise the "health factor" above hot dogs, most of the time ... but it's summer.

I keep thinking I need to make a 2-week menu. Even just for five days a week. I wouldn't mind eating the same thing every couple of weeks, and it's not like it would be set in stone.

The biggest frustration for me is just thinking of something!