Saturday, June 13, 2009


I know he's nearly eight, but he's still my "baby"...

so I felt kind of bad about this:

Gunnar went over to the neighbor's house to play this morning while I was outside weeding. He ended up staying through lunch and came home for a swim-suit because they were setting up their pool. I noticed his knee was covered in bandages and the other knee and his forearms were scraped. Tripped over the curb, he explained.

Then, inside later, I picked up the message... from this morning. It was Gunnar's voice, trying not to cry, asking the voice-mail to "please put Mommy on the phone".

Well, I'm sure Linda comforted him :0)


Not only did he get "road rash" tripping over the curb, he also had a bloody nose. Then this evening got into stinging nettles. By the time we got home he said, "My head feels dizzy. I don't feel well."

Not Gunnar's best day!


leah said...

What a rough day! And mommy guilt to boot. Poor little guy, and poor mommy!

Denise Portis said...

Oh how pitiful about the message. Makes me want to cry and it's not MY boy. I'll have to agree... not Gunnar's best day. (Hmm, it was the 13th?)

The Squirrel said...

Aw, poor guy!

~Squirrel & Mrs. Squirrel
(who's reading over my shoulder... with permission...)

Deborah said...

Poor Gunnar!! I hope today was a much better day!