Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We've finished our math, finished our grammar, finished our history, finished our science, and we're all done, but the testing, which I can do on my own time. I was going to try to wrap that up this week, but with having guests today, tomorrow, Thursday, and on the weekend, I think we'll wait until next week.

No problem!

I did do one thing today... reading assessments. A homeschooling friend recommended the McCall Crabb series, (and I found them used, at the homeschool sale last year), so we went through those today. I had the boys do six exercises each and averaged their scores. (They have three minutes to read a selection and answer eight multiple-choice questions.)

So, this is my "bragging mom" moment:

Wyatt (finishing 6th grade) tested at 8.2, which may be low, because he finished his tests, with time to spare, and had all answers correct. But he was not interested in doing more tests to up his score, so I was happy to leave it.

Tate (finishing 4th grade) tested at 6.3, also a very happy place to be.

And Gunnar, (finishing 1st grade), tested at 4.5!

Whether or not the tests are wholly accurate, I don't know, but I'm proud of the boys :0) And, anyway, it'll give us a baseline to compare to next year.



Choate Family said...

Good job, guys! (Must be because they have such a great teacher.)

Ruby said...

Have a great break...You've earned it!

leah said...

Oh, I'll bet they're accurate! The low student-teacher ratio probably has something to do with it (g). You get to let the boys work at their own level and move ahead at their own pace!

In Matt's little preschool (really a mommy-and-me class this past year), they worked on learning colors and basic shapes all year long. At home, Matt is starting to read. I didn't push it on him- he just started sounding out words on his own! The preschool told me he shouldn't be doing that yet adn to slow him down. I didn't feel that was right- he WANTS to do it. He's almost obsessed with letters! So I bought him some beginning readers (the "Bob" books) and he wants to read them every day. Go figure! I say let the kids move ahead and work at their own level instead of pigeon holing them into a little box!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks, you all :0)

Leah, I think you're absolutely right with Matt. You'd never want to force a kid that age to try to do something he's not ready for... but Matt wants to read! You're not forcing him, you're providing a rich environment for him and he's responding with natural curiosity and intelligence.

Go for it!

I remember Wyatt coming up to me one day, when he was about four, and saying, "Mom, I'd like to learn to read today."

Ann said...

Way to go guys! And mom too! Yep, you have every right to be proud!