Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So far, so good :0)

We've had hours and hours of fun in Dino-opolis, broke out the slip-n-slide, walked to the park and went swimming (!), and caught and released another lizard. Wyatt and Tate are sure they recognize this as the lizard who lost his tail. Because, you know, there couldn't possibly be another Northern Alligator Lizard who has lost his tail.

The boys are all having a great time. I have remembered how much I dislike the park. And the only thing I've gotten pics of is the slip-n-slide. Well, seven out of eight. The bigger boys were moving pretty fast... faster than the slow shutter on the boys' camera.

But you can cheer for me for taking eight boys swimming and not losing any of them ;-)




Per - I think, but possibly Jan.



Tate - in motion


Deborah said...

Happy summer holidays!! You are a brave mom -- eight boys swimming?!?

P.S. Does anyone feed those kids :O)!?! Oh wait, I have a few with that waifish look too!

leah said...

Gotta love the slip-n-slide! Oh, it looks like so much fun! You can send some of that warm weather this way- we'd appreciate it, lol!