Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

What a gorgeous day, but HOT.

Okay, 90F may not seem hot to you, but around here... that's hot. Remember that it rains here, about 9 months of the year, so when the temperature does start to rise it draws all that lovely moisture up out of the ground.

I was just a bit envious of the boys, sleeping outside last night! Check it out...

This is the tent, with eight boys inside.
Before setting up the tent the boys did rock patrol.
Notice the pile of foam mats outside?
Big manly boys don't need no stinkin' foam pads.
Then big manly boys roll around, groaning, and trying to get their brothers to move over, so they can move over, because there are lumps underneath them.

This is Wyatt (on the left), giggling nearly uncontrollably, and Tate, on the right, looking very, very annoyed.

Rafe, Per, and Luke have also found something funny.
I realize that we have no pictures of Jan, who is 'hiding' behind Per.

Kai looks bewildered, as any sane 4-year-old would, at being awake at that hour of the night. Gunnar and Rafe giggle on.

But aren't those happy faces at the breakfast table?
Ignore the date. I'm techno-incompetent.
And - oh! - happy discovery, we do have Jan in a picture, top right, blue shirt.

After breakfast and clean-up they all headed outside for more adventures. A neighbor (one I don't know) was walking her dog in the alley and stopped to watch the back door, as the boys kept coming, and coming, and coming... like the clown car at the circus.

They sweet-talked me into taking them to the swim at the park again. Much nicer than yesterday, probably because we went earlier. As opposed to yesterday, which reminded me of that classic line from Steel Magnolias... "Well, the nicest thing I can say about her is that all her tattoes were spelled right."

I know, I know, I live a sheltered life... but it really creeped me out, being there with all these sweet boys, who - thankfully - were more interested in swimming and the boats they had built and brought, than in the trashy people around them. I'm not Amish, but I was wishing there was some sort of Modesty Police, who could give some of these people a clue. This is a park for families! Yikes.

Fun times, people, fun times :0)


leah said...

90 degrees is hot! Especially with the humidity- blech!

We're lucky and haven't run into inappropriately clad swimmers yet (thank goodness) but people out here do love their tattoos. My former coworker's husband got one that said, "Where Eagles Sore." Yep, spelled exactly that way. I thought it was hilarious and didn't bother to point out the mis-spelling to him. Too funny!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

That is hilarious!

What cracks me up is all the tattoes written in Chinese (Japanese?) characters. Who really knows what they say? Probably "Kung Pao Chicken".

The range of body types wearing string bikinis just boggles the imagination. And the guys with underwear on under their bathing suits, apparently for the sole (spelled correctly!) purpose of letting it show above their sagging swim trunks.

Reallly... not "sexy!

The Squirrel said...

"tattoes written in Chinese (Japanese?) characters. Who really knows what they say? Probably "Kung Pao Chicken"."

Oh, too funny!

I began avoiding swimming when the whaling fleet started showing up, and I've never worn a string bikini, nor a speedo...



Ruby said...

Great Boys shots.

Re the tats: the spelling might be correct but nothing makes up for that oh, so sad look in 20years time when breasts and buttocks are sagging. Not a pretty sight those s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out butterflies and hearts!!

Colleen said...

Mmmwwwaaahhhh! That's a big ol' kiss from the mom of five of those guys. You're a gem. It was a blessing to us, and the boys, of course, had an absolute ball. The good thing about providing virtually no entertainment for them here at home is how amazed they are by things like, say, slip-n-slides when they encounter them elsewhere. *grin*

As for the "scenery" at the park...blah. You can imagination the running commentary I provide in such settings. ;-D

Deborah said...

Lol!! It looks like they all had a wonderful time!! What I wouldn't give for some consistent heat!!

Here's to summer campouts and giggle boys!!

ljchan said...

Hi! I came across you in other blogs and wanted to drop by and say "Hi!" And you're right--a lot of them don't know what their tattoos mean, and neither did the artist--or else they were playing a nasty joke on their subject. I can read some of them, and oh, my. Some others are not even real characters (or maybe they're just "mis-spelled" :)

By the way, your boys would enjoy Iceland. When we first drove into the neighbourhood we moved into, we saw 3 boys with large wooden swords and shields having at each other rather vigorously. Turns out they make these things in school; we have a nice collection ourselves now.

Enjoy your 90 degrees!