Monday, June 1, 2009

Simple Woman #21

Simple Woman

FOR TODAY June 1, 2009

Outside My Window... I'm being serenaded by birds, birds, birds. And they start early. But I'm not complaining. I love waking up to the sun. Good thing, since our bedroom faces east.

I am thinking... we've had a welcome change of plans for the week and I'm re-prioritizing what needs to get done when.

I am thankful for... warmer weather (hallelujah!), selling a couple of small items on Craig's List, being oh-s0-very-nearly done with our school year, and toast with real butter.

From the learning rooms... I'm loading up a laundry basket with stuff we're really truly done with, to take to Friday's "Homeschool Recycle Sale". Along with my wish list...

From the kitchen... we've cleaned up the breakfast mess, but I haven't thought ahead to dinner yet. *ugh* I need to grocery shop.

I am wearing... try not to be shocked, shorts and a tank top. And I'm not cold.

I am creating... a schedule and a menu for the week. At least part of it. I need to be organized. You'll see why.

I am going... to give Wyatt and Tate their last math test for this year, and probably do reading evaluations on all the boys, to wash all their sheets and comforters, and to move the living room furniture.

I am reading... last month's book club book. Yeah.

I've been reserving books at the library, rather than buying them, but this one must've been more popular. Book club was last Thursday at 8. I got the book last Thursday at 4:30. So I've been reading "Gilead" and "Home" by Marilynne Robinson.

I am hoping... to be shocked and surprised by my sudden ability to complete all the projects I'm dreaming up, rather than the usual tenth of them. It's pathetic, really.

I could just leave that up all summer!

I'm hoping to create a good, workable schedule for the boys' summer.

I am praying... two families - good friends - are coming down the homestretch in the adoption process, and we are praying for you guys daily! One is a secret, and the other is a family from our church. They have two (adopted) kids already, and Cutzi is on a plane to CA today to witness the birth of #3. You can read her updates here.

I am hearing... throw rugs flopping around in the washer, several different kinds of birds, and the boys playing downstairs.

Around the house... dust, dust, and more dust. It's not even dust bunnies. More like dust elephants. Bills that need to be paid, books that need to go back to the library (although - thankfully - we can turn them in at the grocery store), plants that need to be watered and just maybe moved outside for the summer, and three boys that need direction...

One of my favorite things... my Moms In Touch group. :0)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: prayer group coming over this afternoon, finish math curriculum (testing today), do reading evaluations, assemble (with the boys) a little book for doing nature sketches this summer, do Testing with Wyatt and Tate (though some or all of this may be deferred to next week), piano lesson, sign language class, decide whether we can manage signing up all three boys for fall soccer, get the boys' sheets washed and back on the beds (bunk beds are not the easiest...), company coming for lunch on Sunday, and...

five boys coming for all day Wednesday, an overnight, and part of Thursday.

You can pray for me on that last one. Don't get me wrong, they're good boys or I wouldn't be doing it. It's just that there will be eight of them. That's a lot of testosterone. I'm thinking that a back-yard sleep-out would be just about right.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Karinann said...

Great picture- love the vibrant colors! I will keep your sleep over in my prayers- you are a brave woman :)

UKZoe said...

No birds when I wrote my post, or Now for that matter, but at 4 o'clock this morning, they were definitelye singing their little hearts out!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Isn't it a cool picture? I didn't take it... found it online in the depths of last winter, but now can't remember where... to give credit.

I'm not sure when our birds start up... pretty early! It's the long days, which I love.

Choate Family said...

The roosters out back start up about 3 a.m. to come for a tropical island paradise visit?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I would if I could!

I know there are hardships that don't show up on your blog, but it sounds pretty wonderful :0)


leah said...

ROFL- I think a backyard camp out sounds just about perfect for five boys!!!

tammy said...

You are one busy woman ... and if you did get all that done today share your secret on HOW! LOL! There's nothing better than a boys sleepover - OUTSIDE CAMPING - that is! They have a blast! Picture is beautiful! Very cheery!

Deborah said...

Well, my day sounds pretty much like yours. Minus the eight boys camping in the back yard. Sounds fun! I'll keep you in my prayers regardless :0)!